Brow Sculpting

Eyebrow shaping is an art, of which only a few posses. 

Eyebrows shape your face and transform your look, done professionally, they profoundly enhance your appearance.
If you are particular about the shape of your eyebrows or you want them to look better, book in with Tiarna for a full brow design to suit your face and style. 
Appointments are 45 minutes for your initial consultation and brow design.


Brow Sculpting:

The ideal eyebrow design is different for every face, trends are meaningless. Creating perfect eyebrows isn't just about trimming, waxing and tweezing. It's about creating a distinctive look, an elegant style, a confident feeling. 

Eyebrow shaping is an art, of which only a few posses. Creating balance over the entire face is crucial! Optimizing the natural brow features are not only in the shaping but also in the readjusting of the brows to create eveness. Which Tiarna will do for you. Creating balance over the entire face. 
The correct brows can truly beautify and take years off your age in only minutes.


Please note:
Unless your eyebrows are fully grown out, your brows can take 6-12 weeks through a working progress to create your beautiful new brows. So PLEASE allow the time required to rebuild your brows, before your big event.


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